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Chart of the day is...

...zinc, five year chart from those nice people at Kitco:

Only because this humble corner of cyberspace hasn't mentioned the chart recently. And of course we were pointing to the bullish outlook for the metal way back before the latest round of rah-rah bandwagon latecomers with fat mouths started shooting their lips off. Early May 2016, to be exact.
Zinc: Demand to outstrip supply in 2016
Yes, shameful but it’s true, your author is going all zinc-pumpy on you after sneering at the “it’s gonna happen anytime now folks!” perma-pumping of the sellside in zinc for years. This “Get On Zinc Before It Flies!!!” is a narrative (with obligatory three exclamation marks) that’s been sold to us for years, but this time it really seems to have some fundamentals to back up the wishful thinking and (continues)

And I wasn't one of those idiot Zn permabulls in a sellside brokerage cubicle saying the same damned thing about zinc every year since the Lehman crisis, either. Just sayin'.

Trump and NAFTA and scams like Eco Oro (

A short thought from IKN401, out last Sunday:

The North American Free Trade Agreement

I can’t help but wonder what the boards of directors of Eco Oro (, Trimetals Mining ( and any other of these rip-off juniors trying to use NAFTA rules to take countries to court think about President Donald Trump’s stated intention this weekend to start re-negotiating NAFTA. Maybe any of you daft enough to have fed these quasi-scam companies with money for shares are planning to ask your respective board of directors for an opinion, but if you do don’t worry, they’re bound to tell you there’s nothing at all to worry about.


We now know why Gold Resource Corp (GORO) is so quiet on the death of one of its workers

And this report may explain why. According to locals at the scene:
  • The accident happened at 03:40am, the early hours of Friday morning.
  • The worker suffered a fall, but did not die immediately and was helped by his work-mate who contacted the mine head supervisor.
  • The management at the GORO mine refused to enter the mine in order to give first aid.
  • The management also failed to do their obligatory duty by refusing to contact local authorities and report the incident.
  • By 9am, word had got round the workforce of the accident and the family of the victim arrived at the mine. They were refused access and were told nothing.
  • The family eventually forced their way into the mine and demanded answers.
  • At that point the GORO mine management organized a rescue party and entered the mine, only to find the worker had died of asphyxia.

Dear shareholders of GORO, this is the level of people you are sponsoring with your money.

The Fortuna Silver (FSM) ( term sheet

Fortuna Silver (FSM) ( is going to place 10.325m shares at U$6.30 a pop. There's also a 15% overallotment (1,548,750 shares) to throw in.

FSM closed at U$6.85 today. And will be down tomorrow, no matter what gold does.

My thanks to reader L for the forward.

The Brent Cook CUM Shot

At VRIC, right now:

And yeah, I know Copper Mountain isn't CUM any more....feeling nostalgic here....

Metanor Resources (MTO.v) alternative facts

Today's commentary on Metanor Resources (MTO.v) is brought to you by the office of Kellyanne Conway:
  • This is not a joke miner and lifestyle company for a couple of lazy Quebecois businessmen.
  • It has a strong balance sheet and no debt problems at all.
  • Jay Taylor has not been paid enormous amounts of money for years on end to con naive retail tyros into buying chunks of this dog.
  • Ditto Thibault Lapouttre.
  • The share rollback announced today is not utterly shameful for an operating miner.
  • Eric Sprott was not stupid for buying into the bullshit marketing spiel.
  • Ditto Nolan Watson.
  • IKN head office never rolls its eyes at mails with "MTO" in the title line, always reads their contents and always makes a point of replying to the mailer promptly and courteously.

Have a nice alternative day.

Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v) gold porn

No comments necessary:

Cordoba Minerals' (CDB.v) on-site security costs have just gone up significantly

Nice problem to have, though. Your real live actual game-changer NR here, its headline is...

 Cordoba Minerals Intersects 4,440 g/t Gold, 10.25% Copper, 24.7% Zinc and 347 g/t Silver Over 0.9 Meters in New Discovery
...and for what it's worth...

...the residual isn't great shakes.


The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN401 has just been sent to subscribers. The usual hucksterish stuff, trying to bilk you all out of your hard-earned cash.

Dynacor Gold ( Still operating illegally at Veta Dorada

Incredibly, DNG doesn't seem to think that the commencement of legal action by the regional government of Peru, on which its Veta Dorada plant is located, in order to repossess the land which was used illegally by the company to build a processing plant, is material news.

A death at Gold Resource Corp (GORO)

Despite the fact that the the worker at Gold Resource Corp (GORO) mine in Oaxaca, Daniel Ruíz Jiménez, was reported missing on Thursday and his dead body was found in the underground mine Friday afternoon, GORO still hasn't done the decent thing and reported the death to the market. GORO seems to be trying the Tahoe Resources (TAHO) tactic of covering up workplace deaths instead of being responsible, honest and transparent about them.

Catching up with the Zimtu whore, Stephan Bogner

A little less than a month ago this humble corner of cyberspace pointed out the nefarious relationship between two entities conspiring to swindle naive greenhorns in the junior market world, namely the unspeakably self-serving Zimtu Capital (ZC.v) and their paid whore of a research analyst, Stephan Bogner of Rockstone Research. This weekend IKN Nerve Centre received this mail from reader RG, who was kind enough to help out the team by pointing to a brand new chapter of this market prostitution:

"King’s Bay closed a property purchase agreement on the 19th, and repeating a pattern you pointed out just last month, David Hodge filed yesterday with Sedar a stock acquisition by Zimtu of King’s Bay Gold in Labrador. With that ZC now holds 17.77% of KBG, and today Rockstone’s Stephan Bogner posts 'Cobalt Crunch Time' promoting the polymetallic prospect, apparently based on grab samples. Bogner also promoted KBG on October 27th, and today’s article largely repeats that earlier one."

Thank you RG, greatly appreciated.