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News from mining's "Mr. Colombia"

Paul Harris updates the Colombia Gold Letter blog and gives a preview of what's in the Colombia Gold Letter May 2017 edition (out Monday). You should subscribe to that, it's very good and not expensive. Meanwhile, get a flavour by checking out the free access blog post, right here.


OT: Carlos Kaiser, football's greatest conman

This is great. I read it in the week and saved it for a short weekend here, footy and that. The story of Carlos Kaiser has to be read to be believed and according to the report, it's the subject of an upcoming documentary too.  Here's part of the intro, you'll enjoy the whole thing by clicking that link above.
Renato Gaúcho, one of the finest Brazilian players of his generation, calls Kaiser “the greatest footballer never to have played football”. He had a career spanning more than two decades, during which he was associated with Rio’s four biggest clubs – Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo and Vasco da Gama – as well as Bangu, América and a number of overseas teams. Yet throughout his career he went out of his way not to play football. “I wanted to be among the other players,” Kaiser says. “I just didn’t want to play. It’s everybody else’s problem if they want me to be a footballer. Not even Jesus pleased everybody. Why would I?”

The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "By mouthbreather demand: IKN writes nice things about a junior mining stock". You wouldn't believe the stupidity contained by some of the hatemail I get. Then again, maybe you would. Atico popped on publication by over 22% too, which just adds another layer of stupid to the whole exercise. Seriously, I wonder about the level of dumbassery out there sometimes. An idiot pissant blogger writes a diatribe of snark and as a result, over $10m gets added to the market cap of a smallcap producer. Madness layered upon madness.

Second Place: "Why is it that nearly all mining stocks are going down...", a post which continues with "...except the two I want to buy/add?" as the whole message. There's nothing else, which begs another question; Why is it that the silly little two line throwaway posts are often some of the most popular? Happens a lot, I've never really understood it.
First Place: "This Angry Geologist piece on Barkerville Gold (" and deservedly so, too. I just get to reflect in his glory from time to time, for my money TAG has become the single most influential mining blog in the business.


The Friday OT: Claude Debussy, Claire de Lune

Thomas Labé plays one of the world's most recognized piano pieces.

To drift quietly into the weekend, smile on face. Youtube here.

Just so we're clear about Rye Patch Gold (RPM.v)

It definitely has run out of cash and it definitely will finance again very soon. So stop mailing me with your stupid guesses about royalty payments being enough, dumbasses. You don't know what the fark you're talking about and if this is the way you go about your mining investment, you'd be much better off sticking your whole wedge in a time deposit and dedicating your time to learning something more productive to your life, such as macrame or competitive trainspotting or coupon swap evenings. Freakin' twats. End of rant.

Barkerville. Eric. Sean.

Enough readers have mailed in already to correct me, and quite right too, so a quick post here. Yesterday in this post I incorrectly implied that Barkerville Gold (BGM.v) was a Sprottstock. Yes it was for a while, but I'd forgotten that Osisko/Roosen had bought the Sprott position out and is now the head cheese there.

The funny thing is, that second paragraph works just as well if you extract the name "Eric Sprott" and replace with "Sean Roosen". Lackeys is as lackeys does.

Regarding mining stocks and humility

A major aspect of following, investing, speculating and analyzing in the mining sector and its companies, particularly the junior explorers and producers, is that every now and again you go through a week in which seven bells are kicked out of your portfolio. It could be for one specific reason that hits across the board or is could be for disparate factors, but sure as eggs are eggs it's an experience you'll go through. It's been my "pleasure" this week so, in The IKN Weekly edition 415 on Sunday, there's bound to be reflection on that. 

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, this sector isn't all about "winning", "killing it", "crushing it", 100% guaranteed success, it's about staring reality in the face and, if you're up to the task, learning from the experience. Or as Hugh MacDiarmid wrote in "On A Raised Beach":

We must be humble. We are so easily baffled by appearances
And do not realise that these stones are one with the stars.
It makes no difference to them whether they are high or low,
Mountain peak or ocean floor, palace, or pigsty.
There are plenty of ruined buildings in the world but no ruined stones.

What happens to us
Is irrelevant to the world’s geology
But what happens to the world’s geology
Is not irrelevant to us.
We must reconcile ourselves to the stones,
Not the stones to us.


Sandstorm Gold (SAND) ( in the next edition of The IKN Weekly

In The IKN Weekly this weekend, your humble scribe will explain why John Doody is a freaking idiot.

By mouthbreather demand: IKN writes nice things about a junior mining stock

I'm getting another round of dumbasses asking me why I'm so negative on the mining industry, why I always post nasty things about juniors, why don't I have a life and seem to be such a bitter twisted piece of crud and, just to prove they don't have the first freaking clue about the word, asking me why I'm such a troll.

Yes indeed, another day in mailbag paradise, wading through mouthbreather mails and their painful grammar.

But hey, I'm supposed to be a capitalist and want growth and recognition and the customer is always right and all that shit, so today I've decided that it's time to kow-tow to the market braindead and give them a reco for a stock that's truly worth their time owning. By way of disclosure, yes indeed I own shares in the company I'm about to mention and it's also covered in The IKN Weekly, so I'd assume a portion of IKN Weekly subbers also own some. I bought at lower prices and have a target that's substantially higher than today's market price, so I'm not trying to rip you off like Marin Katusa does and sell into any new buying, I'm a strong holder until my target is hit. This stock is going to have an excellent financial 2017 and the next quarter in particular is set to be a blow-out, which will make all the sell-side anal ysts who doubt its balance sheet STFU once and for all. So buy yourself some Atico Mining (ATY.v) mouthbreathers, anything under 70c is a drop-dead knockdown bargain, even paying 80c is dirt cheap and a no-brainer. Which is perfect for people like you.

Have a nice day. Love and kisses, Otto.

Mailbag. Detour. Goldcorp.

Main man mailer 'H' today asks:

If Detour drops by a third, I have to think it would get GG's attention and warrant a bid.  Thoughts?

The IKN reply: If Garofalo is crazy enough to buy Caspiche and half of Cerro Casale, he's crazy enough to buy anything. In fact, if I were CEO of ITH, GOLD.v, CKG, NG, NAK, VGZ or any other of these low grade wastes of time that only a geologist could love, I'd be mailing him every other day.

Barkerville Gold (BGM.v): Ah wuz shocked... learn that on the back of its grade-smear bullshit NR, it now wants you to exchange over thirty million of your dollars for its newly printed paper. That this utter joke has a market cap of over $300m is off-scale crazy. That it gets a bought deal at these levels is an indication of the way in which the brokerage houses are in cahoots with these liars and thieves.

Why is it that these days, in 2017, you'll hear howls of derision when recidivist a scam junior explorer tries to scam the idiot mouthbreather end of the market, but not a peep when it's an Eric Sprott company?

UPDATE: And ah wuz shocked when they upsided the bot deal. Shocked.


New Gold (NGD): And for the first quarter in living memory...

...New Gold (NGD) has managed to file its quarterly financials, its MD&A and the accompanying news release without adding to the capex or further delaying the construction timeline of Rainy River.